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Republic Act No. 3620




Section 1. Section nine of Republic Act Numbered Twenty-six hundred forty-three, otherwise known as the Charter of the City of San Carlos, is hereby amended by inserting between subsections (h) and (i) thereof a new subsection to be known as subsection (h-a) to read as follows:

"(h-a) o attend, if he wishes to do so, either in person or by a duly authorized representative, the sessions of the municipal board and participate in its discussions, but not to vote."

Sec. 2. Section ten of the same Act is amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 10. Secretary of the Mayor. – The mayor shall appoint one secretary who shall receive a compensation of not exceeding four thousand eight hundred pesos per annum. The position of the secretary shall be regarded as within the unclassified service but may be filled in the manner in which classified positions are filled, and if so filled, the appointee shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of classified employees, except that he holds the office only during the term of the mayor and until a successor in the office of the secretary is appointed and qualified, unless sooner separated.

"The secretary shall have charge and custody of all records and documents of the city and of any office or department thereof for which provision is not otherwise made; shall keep the corporate seal and affix the same with his signature to all ordinances and resolutions signed by the mayor and to all other official documents and papers of the government of the city as may be required by law or ordinance; shall attest all executive orders, proclamations, ordinances and resolutions signed by the mayor; shall, upon request, furnish certified copies of all city records, and documents in his charge which are not of a confidential character and shall charge twenty centavos for each one hundred words, including the certificate, such fees to be paid directly to the city treasurer; and shall perform such duties as are required of the heads of the departments of the city."

Sec. 3. The first paragraph of Section twenty-two of the same Act is amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 22. The City Treasurer. – His powers, duties and compensation. – There shall be a city treasurer, who shall have charge of the department of finance, and shall act as chief fiscal officer and financial adviser of the city and custodian of its funds. He shall receive a salary or additional salary in accordance with the provisions of existing laws and said salary shall be effective or retroactive as of June eighteen, nineteen hundred sixty-one. He shall have the following general power and duties:"

Sec. 4. The first paragraph of Section twenty-three of the same Act, as amended, is further amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 23. The City Attorney and Register of Deeds ex-officio – His powers and duties. – The city attorney, who shall discharge his duties under the general supervision of the Secretary of Justice, shall be the chief legal adviser of the city. He shall act as city register of deeds ex-officio with an additional compensation of six hundred pesos per annum. There shall be an assistant city attorney who shall receive a salary of three thousand six hundred pesos per annum or in accordance with the provisions of existing laws. The city attorney shall have the following powers and duties:"

Sec. 5. Section eighty-eight of the same Act, as amended, is further amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 88. The Bureau of Public Schools. – The Director of the Bureau of Public Schools shall exercise the same jurisdiction and power in the city as elsewhere in the Philippines and the division superintendent of schools for the Province of Negros Occidental shall have all the powers and duties in respect to the schools of the city as are vested in division superintendents in respect to schools of their divisions. As such ex-officio superintendent of city schools, he shall receive additional compensation of one thousand two hundred pesos per annum. The district supervisor of the District of San Carlos shall act as ex-officio city supervisor for the city intermediate schools with additional compensation of one thousand two hundred pesos per annum."

Sec. 6. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: June 22, 1963.

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